Expert Septic Services In
Middletown, NY

United Sewer & Septic specializes in septic tank pumping, grease trap pumping, and septic and sewer systems.  Serving Orange County, Rockland County and Sullivan County In New York.

Septic Pumping, Installation, Repair, And Sewer Repair Services In Orange, Sullivan, and Rockland Counties in New York.

United Sewer & Septic is a septic, sewer, and drain service company based out of Middletown, New York and serving Orange County, Rockland County, and Sullivan County.  We specialize in everything septic and sewer.  From pumping out your septic tank to replacing a sewer lateral, to installing a new septic system, we have the equipment and experience to help.

Our team has over 30 years experience in the septic and sewer industry and we have the capacity to work on residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal sewer and drain infrastructure.

Our vacuum and septic services include:  Septic tank pumping, lift station pumping, grease trap pumping, catch basin cleaning, septic system inspections, septic tank replacement, septic system installation, and septic repairs.  With multiple pump trucks on the road we can provide fast and efficient service for tanks of all sizes.

Our sewer and drain services include: Video camera inspections to discover the source of your problems, sewer jetting, sewer repairs, Orangeburg pipe replacement, broken or clogged sewer lateral repairs, sewer and drain replacements,  and new municipal sewer system tie-ins.

If you’d like to schedule your pumping service or request an estimate for repair or installation work please give us a call  (888) 845-2564 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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Check Out United Sewer & Drain In Action

With A Professional Team & A Fleet Of Equipment We Can Handle Everything Septic, Sewer, and Drain!

Septic Pumping

We offer vacuum truck services for pumping septic tanks, holding tanks, lift stations, and waste water.  We have a fleet of clean, reliable trucks, with experienced drivers ready to go.

Grease Trap Cleaning

If you own or operate a food services business we can provide reliable, scheduled grease trap and grease interceptor pump out and disposal services.

Septic Installations

We are licensed to install new septic systems and on-site waste water treatment systems.  We can design and install a new septic system that will last for years.

Septic Tank Pumping

We specialize in pumping septic tanks, holding tanks, lift stations, and waste water.  With multiple pump trucks we're able to pump tanks of all sizes.

Septic Inspections

We are certified by PSMA to inspect septic systems and provide a detailed report of our findings.  We can check the health of your existing septic system including the tank, leach field, d-box, pumps, and more.

Sewer Repair

We offer sewer repair services for clogged sewer pipes or drains.  We also repair broken sewer laterals, we can complete new municipal sewer tie-ins, and more.

Camera Inspections

If you're having serious problems with your sewer or drain system then we can do a camera inspection on the affected line to find your problem.  We can then choose the best course for repair.

Experience The United Sewer & Drain Difference

We're Not Like Every Other Septic and Sewer Company  

Licensed & Insured

We are properly licensed and insured to work on your septic and sewer systems. 

Certified Installations

Certifed through NEHA (national environmental health association) to install advanced treatment septic systems.

Competitve Pricing

Our pricing is competitive and will also provide the best value.

Workmanship Warranty

We offer varying warranties based on your project.  Ask us for details.

Landscape Protection

We will make every effort possible to return your property to the way we found it.

Spotless Job Cleanup

We will leave no trace on your property, aside from the work we have completed.

Great Communication

You will receive expert answers to your questions and clear communication with your project. 

Rave Reviews

We are a top rated local company with a track record of customer happiness and satisfaction.